Bridge et psychologie  The Mental Game Focus Concentration Sexisme dans le Bridge  Préparation à la compétition Facteur Chance Gagner  Perdre Gérer le Stress



La psychologie du bridge par Joel Bradmetz
Books on psychology and psyches on Bridge Hands
On Playing Bridge by Henry  C. Link
Le bridge analytique : le psychanalyste et le jeu du mort
Lacan convoque une autre métaphore célèbre pour définir la position de l’analyste: le jeu de bridge
The Big Cat with 99 lives by Bernard Marcoux

Bridge Tactics and psychology by Victor Champion
Le comportement du joueur de Bridge par Alain Gottcheiner
Patosociologie du Bridge par Jean Pierre Rocafort
Quel genre de Bridgeur êtes vous ? Test et réponses  par Jacques Sélamé publié dans le Bulletin du Festival de Juan les Pins
The Pitcher and the Catcher by Matt Mallumphy

Intimidation.Pitbulls by Bob Crosby
Bridge Ego’s .Pitbulls by Bob Crosby

 Marilyn Hemenway

There is no crying in bridge
Post Tourney Blues
Victim, idiot or What
Redouble is a Macho Thing
Keeping your sense of Humour

Six steps to fixing a slump by Larry Cohen
Funks and slumps by Tommy Solberg
Winsome and loathsome , Tales of the trail by Zekke Jabour

Getting Along with Your Frustration, Anger, Guilt — But Not Letting Them Ruin Your Bridge Game by Robert Frick
La Mauvaise foi  et ses conséquences par Jacques Sélamé  publié dans le Bulletin du Festival de Juan les Pins

If you can meet with triumph and disasters by Linda Lee
What Brown did for me by Leah Jay or how I became a life master PDF
Disaster Strikes by Kevin Fay on Bridgewinners
The Kobayashi Maru by Cam French or how to cope with adversity
Momentum by Matt Mallumphy

Two gentlewomen from Verona or … Rude and unpleasant behavior at the table is a perennial problem in tournament bridge by Karen McCallum 

Playing with your husband ? Would you ever by Linda Lee
Martels proves Bridge and Marriage can Mix by Karen Walker PDF
Husband and Wife bridge by Kitty Cooper


Principles of Bridge and Life by Dr Bradley Lehman
Table Feel by Jennifer Jones on JennBridge
Regardez en arrière sans colère par Lynn Berg

The Zen mind at bridge by Bob Mackinnon

An article about beer by Philipp Alder about that infamous 7


 Mon album de photos Concentration
Concentration on Culchetch Daten Bridge Club
Focus by David Lusk
When shouldn’t you think at bridge by Cathy Chua

The Mental Game by Kim Frazer

Qui est Kim Frazer ?

The Kick Off
Maintaining Focus 
Segmenting Performance
Performance Evaluation 
Comfort zone
Match Fitness
The annual Training Plan
Dealing with Time pressure
7 New Year Resolusions
Dealing with distractions by the opponents

Skill preferred, but luck is more than welcome 
Is there anaything as Luck in duplicate bridge ? by Zia Mahmood
The 25% syndrome or the little devils by Bernard Marcoux
Would you rather be Lucky or Good or Winning is all that matters by Fred Gitelman
Bridge and superstition by Piedro Campanile PDF
It’s All in the Stars or the Astrological guide to Bridge players by Lizzie Laroche PDF
Bridge and Kabbalah, who deals the cards by Pamela Granovetter

The Impchimp blog by Sartaj Hans Aus
Beetween the thumb and the index by Bernard Marcoux

A Biobehavioral Look at Sex Differences in Bridge by John J Furedy , emeritus professor of psychology, Toronto University
L’intelligence du Bridge est-elle identique chez les hommes et chez les femmes ?Polémiques par Philippe Toffier Le Bridgeur 15 avril 2004
Women are as good at Bridge as men by Ian Payn and Frances Hinden, Debate
Why do women play bridge worse than men by Linda Lee
Risk taking and Gender by Dr Arnon Perry Center for Academic studies
Women in the bridge World by Marilyn Hemenway
Sexism and Physiology in Bridge by Peg Kaplan
Sexism in Bridge by Justin Lall