Eric Rodwell Jeff Meckstroth Ron Rubin Mike Lawrence Peter Weichsel Mike Becker
Les vainqueurs de la Coupe Vandervilt 1985 Eric Rodwell, Jeff Meckstroth, Ron Rubin, Mike Lawrence, Peter Weichsel ,Michael Becker,

LawrenceMike BeckerEric RodwellJeff Mecksroth Mike Becker Enchérir avec le Partenaire. Donnes de Mike Becker à télécharger - Partnership Bidding practice by Mike Becker deals to be downloaded
15 Dossiers d'entraînement de François Colin

Quizz d'enchères avec le Partenaire - Bidding Quizz on every day auctions N°1 N°2

Bidding Practice by Richard Pavlicek

Parternership Bidding by Pamela and Matthew Granovetter PDF
Eric Kokish

Eric Kokish, coach of the year by Fred Gitelman. or Kokish training methods
Bidding Quest, a software that enables bridge bidding practice. with set of prepared boards
Testez vos développements avec le logiciel Visiobridge et sa bibliothèque de donnes sur la Bridgerie.voilà.net

Bob Crosby, entraineur de l'équipe canadienne féminine en 2002 Challenge the Pitbulls by Bob Crosby
Testons nos conventions entre partenaires par Pierre Bussière sur BCEV
Test your Partnership harmony on poor Bridge

Mise au point défensive en Flanc par JP Desmoulins sur GHbridge
The Real Test articles by Nikos Sarantakos and Terence Reese
Partnership notes and agreements , on Bridge Repository by Gary Bernstein

NewinBridge Each month publishes a topic on an important subject of modern bridge theory. All topics are edited by Eric Rodwell.

3 séries de Quiz d'enchères sur BCEV
89 Quiz d'enchères sur Badje

Bridge Movies by Jeff Goldsmith
San Diego 1996 : Pairs
OK KO Bridge Movie
North American Swiss 96 Second Final
Test interactifs Enchères , Jeu de la carte , Entames sur GhBridge
Bridge problems as played at the table by Andrew Van der Windt
Mesurez vous aux meilleurs joueurs du Monde sur Club Universitaire de bridge de Strasbourg
Bocchi Duboin
Geir hegelmo
Geir Hegelmo
Larry Cohen Berkowitz
Jeff Meckroth Eric Rodwell
Zia Mahmood

Testez votre niveau 1ère série sur Club Universitaire de Bridge de Strasbourg
Enchérissez à deux sur Club Universitaire de Bridge de Strasbourg
Double dummy corner by Hugh Darwen
Polls and contest, 46 play contests and 36 bidding polls by Richard Pavlicek

Quizz sur Bridge Academy

Bridge Challenge de François Picard , site interactif qui permet d'entrer une main et la séquence d'enchères pour demander à vos amis, partenaires, connaissances ou autres joueurs leurs enchères et avis sur le problème,
Rejouer les Donnes d'Opatijia 2014 avec son Partenaire
Duplicate d'entrainement sur BBO
Baker Bridge conventions et donnes d'entraînement

Feuille de conventions vierge de la FFB à remplir
Enregistrer puis ouvrir avec Word
Feuille de convention officielle de la FFB à remplir
Feuille de Conventions FFB pour se mettre au point avec le Partenaire
certaines rubriques pré remplies
Autre modèle de Feuille de conventions FFB avec certaines des rubriques pré-remplies

modèle n°3 de Feuille de conventions FFB avec certaines des rubriques pré-remplies
Remplir votre Feuille de conventions en ligne sur Bridge 2000
Conventional Wisdom or How to fill your Convention card step by step by ACBL
All about WBF Convention card on

All Convention Cards for Bali 2013
Meckwell Convention card for Sao Paulo 2009

Feuille de Conventions de Chemla Levy- Maastricht 2000 sur Webridge

D'Ovidio Bessis 2011
Cronier Willard PDF 2013
D'Ovidio Neve 2013

page de Recherche de Partenaires


Eric Rodwell Jeff Meckstroth

Mark Horton21 rules of being a good Partner by Marty Bergen PDF on Fith Chair
Honor your Partner by Mark Horton
Partnership understanding by Mike Lawrence
Stroking by Marc Lee

How to be a good Team Mate ,From Gold Coast Congress Bulletins 2008 Saturday March 1st
Team Spirit by Bob Crosby
Know Thy Partner by Bob Crosby
Humanics by Bob Crosby or the primary reason why you lose at Bridge is not proper feeding and care of your Partner  

How could you .... by Ed Hoogenkamp

Bernard MarcouxL'invitation au Voyage..... by Bernard Marcoux Hymne au Partenaire PDF

Partnership and marriage by Larry Cohen
Partnership style by Larry Cohen
Play Nice by Peggy Kaplan
50 ways to lose your partner by Marilyn Hemenway
How could you .... by Ed Hoogenkamp

Brad Bart Four Things about Partnerships PDF on Fifth Chair Foundation
Brad's Golden Rules on Partnership Management
Helping Partner : The concentration Coup by Michael Clark
Precious Partner by Grant Baze
Partenariat : Alain Lévy et Hervé Mouiel par Pierre Saporta extrait de l'As de Trèfle
Test , Quel Partenaire êtes vous ? extrait de l'As de Trèfle PDF
Partners and winning at bridge by Ron Klinger PDF
Partnership : Bridge commodity that (not) hard to maintain by Denis Kristanda
Find me a good partner by Howard Bigot Johnson PDF
My Partner by Sabine Auken, published on
My Seven Deadly Partneship sins

Sur BBO avec GIB
See Bridge Virtuel page on Claire Bridge
Competitive Bidding practice on BBO by Paul Gibson
Comment utiliser les Robots GIB ?sur Webridge
Blaine's Virtual Bridge or How to play and practise with your Partner on BBO
Guide on how to set up on BBO to play Solitaire Bridge against GIB Robots on Victorian Bridge Association PDF
Partnership Bidding and Practise table on Swangames (free)
A case study of the mysteries of the Robot Thought process on New York Times by Philip Alder

Jennifer Jones

Playing with GIB
Posted Sunday August 19 2007 on Jennbridge, Bridge Blog by Jennifer Jones, Bridge Teacher Writer

I think we're on to something. At Bridge Base you are now able to open a table and play against the Gib robots. GIB (Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridge Player) is billed as one of the world's strongest bridge-playing computer programs. You can play individually against 3 robots or you and your partner can take on a pair. I have tried both in the last few weeks. I will confess that I kind of like playing against 3 robots and indulging in undisciplined bidding and play, unlike that of my normal, sober bridge persona. Frank and I have also played as partners against a couple of gibs and we may have discovered a tool of some value.
The gibs don't bid or play too well, but the value I perceive is the ability to discuss every aspect of the hand at your own pace--bidding, play and defense. It is also a relaxed atmosphere because there is nothing at stake.
... The point is that we were able to leisurely discuss the bidding and play and we received average defense from the gibs. . You can also practice partnership bidding and, of course, play with real people. Check it out at!"

JACEK PSZCZOLA MICHAL KWIECIEN winners ot Blue Ribbon pair in NABC Honolulo November 2006 Claudio Nunes winner of the Blue ribbon pairs with Fulvio Fantoni in NABC Honolulu november 06

Fulvio Fantoni Claudio Nunes
Convention Card 2012

Bob Hamman 1979 Bobby Wolff 79

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