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.Playing with GIB

I think we’re on to something. At Bridge Base you are now able to open a table and play against the Gib robots. GIB (Ginsberg’s Intelligent Bridge Player) is billed as one of the world’s strongest bridge-playing computer programs. You can play individually against 3 robots or you and your partner can take on a pair. I have tried both in the last few weeks. I will confess that I kind of like playing against 3 robots and indulging in undisciplined bidding and play, unlike that of my normal, sober bridge persona. Frank and I have also played as partners against a couple of gibs and we may have discovered a tool of some value.
The gibs don’t bid or play too well, but the value I perceive is the ability to discuss every aspect of the hand at your own pace–bidding, play and defense. It is also a relaxed atmosphere because there is nothing at stake.
The point is that we were able to leisurely discuss the bidding and play and we received average defense from the gibs. . You can also practice partnership bidding and, of course, play with real people. Check it out at http://online.bridgebase.com/!«