MT LavazzaClaudio Nunes Lorenzo Lauria

Jan Eric LarssonA Bridge System Collection by Jan Eric Larsson on Daniel's Systems Page . A real treasure !
Bidding System on Wikipedia
Bridge Bidding Systems on Bridgeguys
Bridge Systems by Richard Pavlicek

Public bidding Systems on BBO
Bridge systems on BBO by Michael Goetze

Daniel NeillDaniel 's Systems Page by Daniel Neill
Bidding Systems by Graeme Williams by Claus Sønderkøge
All systems on in swedish
Popular Bridge Bidding Systems
on Bridge Hands
Systèmes artificiels sur Roquibridge

Le Choix d'un Système par Jean Pierre Roquafort
Typologie des enchères par Jean Pierre Roquafort
Systemothèque , banque de Feuilles de conventions par JP Rocafort
Archived systems by Ecats

David Collier David Collier's posts on Bidding systems and Theory
Mark's Bridge Bidding Systems by Mark Abraham
Bidding Systems by Martin Johnson on Bobby Knows Bridge
Debate A strong Club system is much better than Acol by Jeremy Dondy and Chris Jagger on EBU December 2009
Bidding systems by Denis Kristanda
How much has bridge changed in 75 years by Jeremy Dondy

System archetypes by Greg Earnest
Why Four Card Majors ? by Marvin French PDF
Adopting new methods by Glen Ashton
World Championship system Review by Glen Ashton .
A fantastic work !
Building a Bidding System, Book by Roy Hugh
Keep it simple by Rixi Markus
Everybody needs a coach by Krzyzstof Martens. KMartens talks about bridge systems
Norberto Bocchi, the big bang interview Norberto talks about his bridge system and the importance of vulnerability


On the Structure of Natural Bidding System by Bert Beentjes PDF
What does Natural mean ? by David Collier
Standard American Ancestors
Charles Goren Goren bidding system
Standard American Bridge par Richard Pavlicek



Bobby Goldman Aces Scientific 1.70 on Bridgeguys
quite similar to Standard American developed by Ira Corn's team Dallas Aces
A Mini book on Standard American by Noble Shore

SAYC Standard American Yellow Card
System of choice for many novice players on the internet. Also used as a pickup system by many from around the world.
What's Standard ?
ACBL official description
sur Webridge
on Swan Games
Standard American Yellow Card Revised and Expanded by Mark London Further Revised by Wayne Burrows (Jan 2007)
Standard American Yellow card by Sally Brock
Main differences between Acol and SAYC
Le Système d'enchère américain de base, volume 1, par Chris Hasney ,Jerry Pottier et Alain Lacourse
2 over one
System very close to Standard American dates back to 1958 with Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone system .Edgar Kaplan and Alfred Sheinwold. followed with their own system. Features from the Roth-Stone system were also adapted to the 2/1 system we know today.( from Bridge Hands)

Roth Stone System developed by Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone in 1953 by Graeme Williams


Kaplan Sheinwold updated by Edgar Kaplan on Bridgeguys
Alfred SheinwoldEdgar Kaplan Kaplan Sheinwold discussion list
Kaplan Sheinwold on Wikipedia

2 over one System
On Bridgehands
Workbook on the two-over-one System by Michael Lawrence on Bridge Forum
Improving 2 over one Game force by Fred Gitelman
2 over one extensives notes by Shelagh Paulsson
Eastern Scientific by Richard Pavlicek . Quite similar to the Standard American, also known as Walsh system
Pavlicek System PDF
Bridge World Standard Common american expert practices on Bridge World

Acol Système d'enchères anglais . Used mainly in British tournament play
A guide to the Acol System on University of Warwick Bridge club
Acol on Bridgeguys
The UK Acol bidding style by Chris Ryall
Acol Système d'enchères anglais par Michel Heger
Convertir l'Acol en SAYC par Michel Heger
Power Acol invented by Ron Klinger on Gijs Haarlem site
Benjaminised Weak Twos by Bernard Magee PDF
Biedermeijer - Dutch Acol and Dutch Doubleton Compared to SAYC by Helene Thygesen on Bridgeguys
Basic Acol by Ben Cowling


Chris BurtonStandard English Modern Acol by Chris Burton
Standard English Foundation Level by Chris Burton

Autres systèmes naturels
Australian Bridge Standard on
Chilli bidding system by Alan Williams
S Garton Churchill
Churchill style on Bridgeguys
EHAA or Every Hand An Adventure.From the late 50's. "Agressive, natural style of bidding that combines mini notrump openings, wide-range weak two-bids, and a Goren-like four-card major approach into an easy, effective, and fun way to bid. It is not a highly specified system, but rather, like Standard American or Acol, a general style which can be played in numerous variations. Quoted from Eric Landau.
EHAA by Jari Böling with additional gadgets PDF
EHAA SIXTHEME by Roberto Bonari
ETM Everything That Matters System by Glen Ashton

ETM adjustment to allow for a strong forcing one Heart opening by Glen Ashton PDF
ETM Savage by Glen Ashton influences of
Fantoni/Nunes, Landen/Rajadhyaksha, and Flodqvist/Morath (Carrot Club). PDF

ETM Polar Club by Glen Ashton blend of a modified Polish Club system with the ideas of the ETM Focal system
Evolution, natural Bridge-System von Marie-Louise und Jörg Zinslis in German
Finnish Standard Bidding System on Jukka Korpela's Bridge Page
Finnish Expert Methods, FEM, by Pekka Viitasalo PDF based on modified Finnish Modern Standard: four card majors, 15-17 NT, Ekren and weak twos.
George Rosenkranz winner of the 1976 Springgold trophy Romex Bidding System on Bridge Guys
Science Simply Scientific Four Card Majors on Cambridge University Bridge Club
Standard Cambridge by Robin Michaels describes agreements that might be typical among more experienced University players.
Standard Dutch Bidding System, Now five cards Major by Tjoen Oei

Claudio Nunes Fulvio Fantoni
Fantoni_Nunes system by Daniel Neill
Fantoni system PDF in italian on Infobridge
Simplified Fantunes PDF
Fantunes revealed by Bill Jacobs

Fantunes Lite , system based partly on Fantunes but with elements of five card major ans the polih club system by Daan van der Meij

Norway Standard on Bidding Quest
We Bad, a scientific five carts majour system played by Don Weiner and Dave Babcock

Benito Garozzo Club Systems on bridgeguys
A message to Players of the Blue Club by Benito Garozzo PDF
Le Trèfle de Précision italien sur Webridge


Franco ArturoDano de Falco
Blue Team Club used by Arturo Franco and Dano De Falco . Zip English version by Marco Pancotti
Caroline Club based on the Sukoneck-Ekeblad Club Originally developed by Scott Benson and Doug Bone
ETM Big Club express by Glen Ashton PDF
Eastern Mysticism employs best elements of a strong club opening, a weak notrump, 2-over-1/forcing NT, and the Law of Total Tricks by Elliot Thomas Grant
Michael Farebrother
Millenium Club from the book by Lyle Poe, notes by Daniel Neill
Composite Club by Bill Hodgkiss
Big Club system by Michiel Geelen and Jan Veerbeek 2012

Weak/Strong Club System
Carrot Club, originally "Morotsklovern", invented by Sven-Olof Flodqvist and Anders Morath in 1972
Sven Olof Flodqvist Carrot Club on bridgeguys
Carrots Systemarkiv in swedish
Magic Diamond light PDF
Baby Clone by Christoffer Abel Arntzen
Livorno or the Leghorn Diamond System developed by Benito Bianchi and Giuseppe Messina on Bridgeguys
Strong Diamond System by Noble Shore and Mike Gill PDF

Anders MorathMU.T.O.S by Eugeen Vannuten Multi and transfer oriented system
System Dutch Doubleton used by the international Dutch team
Tangerine Club , ClementinKlover, on Bridgeguys by Jan Eric Larsson a simple, systematic version of a weak/strong 1 Club and light 4 card suit openings.

ETM Storm by Glen Ashton ,big one club opening
together with a one diamond opening to show minimum opening hands with four or more spades PDF

Bocchi_Duboin system Notes on Ecats
A Bocchi Duboin System review by Paolo Garrisi i
The Diamond Major by Peter John Oakley


Moscito Byte played by GIB
Moscito notes by Bo-Ying-Yang PDF
Shenken Howard Schenken Club or Big Club system on BridgeFiles
Cobra computer-designed bridge bidding system developed by E. T. Lindelof and similar to Schenken Club
Toad Club developped by Ken Schutze and Jim Griffin on Bridgeguys PDF
Krystof JassemPolish Club Index by Mike Mardesich
Polish Club by Greg Matula

Polish Standard K Jassem PDF
Vienna Mother of all Polish Club System

Unassuming Club , member of "intermediate clubs" that includes Vienna System, Roman Club, Polish Club, New South Wales Club, Bogota Club, and Power System
Ken Schutze and Jim Griffin

An Unassuming Club by D Varvel
Hyperlinked version by brian Campbell
Unassuming Club on Daniel Neill 's pages

Artificial 1T/1K Systems

Walter AvarelliThe Roman Club System of Distributional Bidding", by Belladonna, Giorgio & Avarelli, Walter
Roman Club on Daniel's System page
Roman System by Bernard Utner based on Giorgio Belladonna's "nuovissimo fiori romano" with some enhancements and modernisations. PDF



CC WeiPrecision Club most common system used in the USA after Standard American and Two Over One
invented by CC Wei, a Chinese businessman, in the late 1960s and first used on the international stage by the Taiwan national team in 1970. Following their success using the system in the 1970 and 1971 Bermuda Bowls, Precision exploded onto the world stage when the legendary Italian Blue Team adopted and refined it as Super-Precision. The Blue Team's successes during the 1970's using Precision brought the system prominence and prestige. Although its global popularity will never rival that of Standard American, 2-Over-1 or ACOL, it is generally reckoned to be more efficient that any of them and is the foremost Strong Club system in use today. Many modern experts, including multiple World Champions Jeff Meckstroff and Eric Rodwell use it as the basis of their system ..... from Oliver Clarke Precision Club page

Reason to play the Precision Club bidding system by O.K.Johnson
Articles about the Precision Club Bidding system on
Precision General Approach on Bidding Quest
Belladona Garozzo Blue Team 1976 Super Precision PDF by Giorgio Belladona and Benito Garozzo from Tutto Bridge
Precision Bidding Today on Radha Verma 's Page


Meckwell System

Meckstroth and Rodwell , an outline of their system PDF

System Summary Form 2008
The search for a Fit

Precision 8 by Kelvin Ward Pdf
The Revision Club System 4th Ed. 2009 by John Montgomery ZIP

Sontag Alan
Power Precision Sontag-Weischel Power Precision Transcribed by Eugene Hung
The K-Club, a precision system played in Kingston, Ontario by Ken Allan
Entire K-Club by Ken Allan PDF
The K-D Club based on the K-Club but employs the full panoply of Italian bids PDF by Ken Allan
Sam IeongRecursive Diamond System by Adam Meyerson and Sam Ieong, precision-like system, featuring light limited openings PDF
weak notrumps, and an artificial forcing bid (1}).
Precision Club by Oliver Clarke derived from the Super precision System he played with Jason Hackett in 1980's

Jason Hackette
System Zass, precision by Jorg Zinsli
Precision bidding by Michael Chourdakis

Symmetric Relay System similar in many ways to Precision Club but using relay continuations over all of the openings.
Professor Roy Kerr Symmetric relay System modified by Richard Hills 2000 PDF
Symmetric relay system by Hugh Grovenor and Ian Robinson 1986 on Bridgeguys
Symmetric Relay System by Ljudmila Kamenova PDF
TOSR 4-Card Transfer-Oriented Canapé Symmetric Relay System on Mark's Bridge Bidding Systems
Glenn Groetheim Terje Aa
Volmac Precision developped by Garozzo for the Dutch team on Daniel 's System page
ULTRA CLUB Relay by Dwayne Hoffman & Larry Lowell


Lucas Slawinski Forcing Pass Systems on Bridgeguys by Jan Eric Larsson and Ben Cowling PDF
Major simple Forcing Pass system favoured by Warwick University Bridge Club on Ben Cowling Bridge page

MOSCITO short for Major Oriented Strong Club originally invented by Paul Marston and Stephen Burgess
Stephen Burgess Paul MarstonMoscito 2005 PDF by Paul Marston
J-Moscito by Jari Boling variation of Moscito PDF
Le Système Moscito sur Jack Bridge

Jari Boling Dejeuner, a forcing pass system with symmetric relays by Todd A Anderson
SCRAPE Strong Pass Relay Ever Avoiding Defending variation of Moscito known as SPREAD by Mark Abraham
Precision Pass
Regression based on Lukasz Slawinski's (and Stanislaw Ruminski's) "REGRES" by Marcel den Broeder
Suspensor on Mark Abraham
Three-times-three by V. Brushtunov
T Rex opening bids are highly multi-way with many different relay structures on Mark's Bridge Bidding System
Trident, a Forcing Pass system by Ken Allan PDF
DONT System by Mark Donovan PDF


Ambra System written by Garozzo for the italian junior team
Ambra on Bridgeguys PDF
Ambra on Gijs Haarlem New Age Bridge site
The amBIGuous DIAMOND system by Marvin French PDF designed for matchpoint bidding, permits, four-card major opening bids.

Griff Ware

CatoMult System Notes CAnape-Take-Out-MULTi! by
Mark Abraham
Douche club by Mark Abraham, Griff Ware and Daniel Geromboux PDF
Double Club System by Chris Burton

Bjørn Olav EkrenEkrens 2 Diamonds preempt by Chris Ryall
The assumed fit principle by Chris Ryall
Ekrens Bidding systems on Bridgeguys
Ekrens Weak Majors on Swan Games

Rough 2s Openings," assumed fit preempts" by Ben Cowling
Ouvertures niveau 2 bicolores majeurs type Ekren 2T 2K 2C parNuno Ferreira

John Hallvard Woodgrove 2K Woodgrove Multi by John Hallvard Woodgrove
Woodgrove Two clubs
INFO a system focusing on the opening bids at one level by Bert Beentjes in dutch
LH Blue Card with very light openings by Liu Hong
LH System by Liu Hong on Bridgeguys

Krzysztof MartensLooier Bidding system as played in BridgeClub de Looier in Amsterdam, based on Relays, Always bidding strong hands reverse,Extra Point count for length.
The Martens System by Krzysztof Martens
Martens Books by Vang
M.A.F "Majors Always First" or: "Multis are favorite" by Chiel Verwoest .
MidMac bidding system devised by Jon Drabble on Gijs Haarlem 's bridge site
Adam MeyersonMox,21 century bridge, by Mihail Filipov Nedyalkov, Varna, Bulgaria, system features some themes: giving as little information as possible to the opponents; sacrificing some sign-offs to improve game and slam auctions; major oriented transfer responses
Notional Club by Phil Smith

Mark Donavan Phantom Club system by Adam Meyerson
Skeleton by Marvin French
Shark System Notes by Mark Donovan PDF, with light openings
Siege by Mike Bell Short Club with transfer responses
SuperSpades by Mark Donovan PDF
Super Trèfle par Hamadi Chékir

Jeff Rubens Jeff Rubens TSAR , acronym for Third Suit Alternative Relay, a principle for relay bidding when one player has described a limited hand with a long minor suit ,by Jeff Rubens in The Bridge World
The Way Forward by Todd A. Anderson
Z Grubsza On Cambridge University Bridge Club

Westwood strong Club system, natural system, favour 4 card Major responses by Paul Weinbaum PDF


Pierre Ghestem Une Méthode Ghestem par JP Fremery
Monaco The original Relay system invented by Pierre Ghestem
Le Web World Wide Easybridge par Etienne Turpin
Exemples du WEB par Etienne Turpin
Le Canapé Majeure d'abord de Jean René Vernes
Canapé Majeure d'Abord de Jean René Vernes by Alex Martelli
La majeure d'abord adaptée par Rocafort -Claret
JB AntoniniLe Canapé Bleu par Jean Baptiste Antonini
Le Rustic par Pierre Le Gagneux
Le Trèfle de Calabre PDF par Diego Falcone
Le Cadum de Catry et Dumesnil sur Bridgez chez vous
Les Exclusions par Jean Lefebvre Méthode d'enchères en interventions - Quelques extraits PDF
Ouverture de 1 faible en Majeur par François Durand PDF
Système Majeure 5ème sur Wikipedia
Les Enchères naturelles-Tendance Majeure 5ème sur Bridge en coulisses
A complete system based on the French System Majeure 5ème by Geoffrey Ostrin PDF

Pour une Majeure 5ème plus offensive par Alain Blanquier Publibook-Quelques extraits PDF
La Nouvelle Majeure Précisée par Benton Maubird
The precised Major by Arthur Maubird
BCFm5 par Nino Ferreira système à base de majeure 5ème et de 2/1 forcing de manche

Conventions de bridge avec Yann Par Guillaume Lafon standard français, avec l'emploi du SA forcing sur ouverture majeure ou du Double Deux.PDF

Principes du système Western Bridge par Benoit Rousseau
Benoit RousseauWestern Bridge , version Majeure 5ème par Benoit Rousseau
Système SAGE par Etienne Marache
L'ouverture de 1SA dénie une majeure par 4 et promet de 11 à 14 points

Frederic Brunet
Conventions et systèmes, Arnaud Ancessy et Frédéric Brunet Arnaud Ancessy
Le Juan système Frédéric Brunet Arnaud Ancessy


Zar Petkov Zar Points and Zar system a Wikipedia's article
Zar Points by Zar Petkov on Bridge guys
Les Principes Zar par Claire Martel.Version 2 PDF
Un Chelem sous biddé d'après Zar Petkov PDF
Zar points, Zar rules, More about Zar on BridgeClub Himbuv
On line Hand Evaluation .Zar Points on BridgeClub Himbuv
Zar Points on Robin's Bridge Blog
Zar on BBO Forum
Zar points, useful or waste of energy, New to the concept, does it help...
Fine tuning ZAR points., Help me with my adjustments...
Zar evaluation and 2004 Cavendish, Invitational Pairs
Zar points application in competitive bidding
ZAR Distribution Points, An easier way to calculate
Zar points and hands with no defensive strength, Problems if opps compete
Le décompte 6-4-2-1 ancêtre des points Zar sur Bridge-

Evaluation des mains au Bridge de Jean René Vernes et Bernard Charles-1995 résumée par Michel Heger
Hand evaluation on Richmond Bridge Association PDF
Jerry HelmsStatistique et Bridge Evaluation des mains par Bernard Charles et Jérôme Gigault PDF
Hand Evaluation PDF A booklet explaining why some hands (with the same point count) are worth more than others on Pattaya Bridge Club
Hand Evaluation Articles by Thomas Andrews
Patterns and Freakness by Richard Pavlicek
Hand Evaluation Stats by Richard Pavlicek
Prism Signals by John Sheehan The purpose of these pages is to demonstrate one fact: The four hands of a bridge deal are structurally interdependent PDF
Hand Evaluation by Jerry Helms PDF published in Better Bridge
La règle des 20 par Denis Piton PDF
Review and revised Opening Hand evaluation by: Stig Holmquist
Bergen Total Points , the true value of a Bridge hand by Neil H. Timm published in Bridge News PDF
Value of the tens by Banzai Jackson PDF
The Losing Trick Count in action by Bernard Magee PDF

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