Bridge Systems

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Natural Systems

Standard American Ancestors

Standard American Bridge par Richard Pavlicek
Aces Scientific Bidding System on Bridgeguys quite similar to Standard American developed by Ira Corn’s team Dallas Aces

SAYC Standard American Yellow Card
System of choice for many novice players on the internet. Also used as a pickup system by many from around the world.

A Mini book on Standard American by Noble Shore
What’s Standard ? Is Standard American a myth by David Lindop
ACBL SAYC System Booklet
SAYC on Swan Games
Standard American Yellow Card Revised and Expanded by Mark London Further Revised by Wayne Burrows (Jan 2007)
Standard American Yellow card by Sally Brock
Main differences between Acol and SAYC

2 over one System
System very close to Standard American dates back to 1958 with Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone system . Edgar Kaplan and Alfred Sheinwold. followed with their own system. Features from the Roth-Stone system were also adapted to the 2/1 system we know today. from Bridge Hands

Roth Stone System developed by Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone in 1953 by Graeme Williams
Kaplan Sheinwold updated by Edgar Kaplan

2 over one System on Bridgehands
2 over one booklet on RichmondBridge association
Unifying 2/1 GF by Larry Cohen
Improving 2 over one Game force by Fred Gitelman
2 over one Game force system by Neil H. Timm PDF
The Great 2 over one debate by Bob MacKinnon
Eastern Scientific by Richard Pavlicek . Quite similar to the Standard American, also known as Walsh system
Pavlicek System PDF
BWS  Bridge World Standard (BWS) encapsulates common American expert practices
Bridge Bulletin Standard
bidding system used by the panelists for It’s Your Call. It is loosely based on popular Standard American and 2/1 treatments commonly used by duplicate players in North America. It is more than SAYC, but less than a full-blown 2/1 system.


Acol Système d’enchères anglais

Acol on Bridgeguys
Standard English Acol
Acol Système d’enchères anglais par Michel Heger
Convertir l’Acol en SAYC par Michel Heger
Power Acol invented by Ron Klinger on Gijs Haarlem site

Biedermeijer – Dutch Acol and Dutch Doubleton Compared to SAYC by Helene Thygesen on Bridgeguys

Autres  natural systems
Australian Bridge Standard on
Chilli bidding system by Alan Williams

EHAA or Every Hand An Adventure.From the late 50’s.
Agressive, natural style of bidding that combines mini notrump openings, wide-range weak two-bids, and a Goren-like four-card major approach into an easy, effective, and fun way to bid. It is not a highly specified system, but rather, like Standard American or Acol, a general style which can be played in numerous variations. Quoted from Eric Landau.

EHAA by Jari Böling with additional gadgets 
EHAA Sixtheme by Roberto Bonari
ETM Everything That Matters System by Glen Ashton
ETM adjustment to allow for a strong forcing one Heart opening by Glen Ashton
ETM Savage A Bidding system for Bridge Barbarians by Glen Ashton 
ETM Polar Club A top level Bridge System by Glen Ashton 
Bridge System Evolution par Marie-Louise et Jörg Zinslis in German
Finnish Standard Bidding System on Jukka Korpela’s Bridge Page
Finnish Expert Methods, FEM, by Pekka Viitasalo  based on modified Finnish Modern Standard: four card majors, 15-17 NT, Ekren and weak twos.
 Romex Bidding System on Bridge Guys
Science Simply Scientific Four Card Majors
Standard Cambridge by Robin Michaels describes agreements that might be typical among more experienced University players.
Standard Dutch Bidding System, Now five cards Major by Tjoen Oei
Norway Standard on Bidding Quest
We Bad, a scientific five cards major system played by Don Weiner and Dave Babcock
Module  fur Naturliche  System by Nicolas Bausback

Fantoni_Nunes system by Daniel Neill
Simplified Fantunes
Fantunes Lite 

Precision System

Precision Club invented by CC Wei, a Chinese businessman, in the late 1960s

Precision Club, most common system used in the USA after Standard American and Two Over One first used on the international stage by the Taiwan national team in 1970. Following their success using the system in the 1970 and 1971 Bermuda Bowls, Precision exploded onto the world stage when the legendary Italian Blue Team adopted and refined it as Super-Precision. The Blue Team’s successes during the 1970’s using Precision brought the system prominence and prestige. Although its global popularity will never rival that of Standard American, 2-Over-1 or ACOL, it is generally reckoned to be more efficient that any of them and is the foremost Strong Club system in use today. Many modern experts, including multiple World Champions Jeff Meckstroff and Eric Rodwell use it as the basis of their system ….. from Oliver Clarke Precision Club page

Articles about the Precision Club Bidding system on
Precision General Approach on Bidding Quest
Precision and Super Precision  by Giorgio Belladona and Benito Garozzo from Tutto Bridge
Precision Bidding Today on Radha Verma ‘s Page
Precision 8 by Kelvin Ward  
The Revision Club System 4th Ed. 2009 by John Montgomery