Deep Finesse Slideshow

Deep Finesse ! a wonderful software for all bridge players


Deep Finesse is an interactive hand analyzer that lets you examine play lines of any bridge deal. You can download it freely on this site.   The latest version comes with new features et you can view your deal on Bridge Base.

Deep Finesse is  especially useful if you want to understand where you went wrong in a play.

By simply clicking on cards, you choose which lines of play to explore.  You never operate in the dark.  At each turn, Deep Finesse clearly shows which cards are winning plays and which are losing. Deep Finesse is unbiased about offense or defense – it always finds and labels the best cards for each player in turn. Have you ever questioned the analysis in the bridge column of your local paper? Did you ever go down on a complex deal you sense could have been made but aren’t sure? Are you a bridge professional who wants to double-check your hand analysis? Then Deep Finesse is for you. Deep Finesse is also especially useful for:

  • People wanting to improve their play and defense 

  • Directors wanting to enhance the club experience 

  • Instructors wanting to simplify learning “

I have created a tutorial Deepfinesse slideshow .

Download  the deepfiness diaporama
Download the PDF