Launch of the New World Bridge Federation Website

WBF  has launched a new web site with complete renovated graphics. See the updates in the Open and Women current Ranking by MP in our Top Ten section. Franck Multon moves to third place , Sabine Auken is ranked in the Open  Category (53third).No change for Syvie Willard and Bénédicte Cronier, N° 1ère and N° 2 in the Current Women Ranking.

There is a Rules and Regulations section with the  2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge , which  will be used at the World Championships this year.

This Explore the World of bridge on the internet page  is meant to be a comprehensive list of websites.It is originated and maintained by Alvin Levy . It should be updated with  valuable French web sites. All there is to do is send an  email to Alvin Levy,  !